Why Customers Love Us

-Butler Burdine,
Marketing Consultant,
Butler Burdine Marketing Services
For over ten years, I've partnered with Ruf on my various clients’ direct marketing projects from tourism to education. In every case, it’s been a positive experience. They bring much to the table and my clients have definitely benefited from Ruf's expertise. They make it so easy to work with them and they are awesome folks."
-Jill Renner,
Vice President,
H2R Market Research
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We work with Ruf because they very much care about their clients and about their customers and want them to be successful and that’s the same goal that we share.  So we feel like that is a true partnership for us and helps both the end user and the client to make sure that everyone is satisfied in
the end."
-John Packer,
Vice President/Account Executive,
In my 20 plus years in the marketing research business, Ruf is the finest partner I have ever encountered.  Their knowledge, trustworthiness and values make Ruf the perfect partner."
-Kedy'Ky Sherrill,
Market Research Director,
Visit Pittsburgh
Our relationship with Ruf has been very valuable as they have worked to become an extension of our marketing process. They evaluate our process and try to create products and services that match our needs."
-Meredith Moody,
Marketing Services Director,
Buffalo Trace Distillery
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If I could use one word to describe Ruf, I don’t know if I could stick with just one word.  I would say thorough, intelligent, professional and just right on target."
-Stephen Valenti,
Director of Marketing,
Samson Dental 
Practice Management
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Ruf has creativity, knowledge and education. They walk you through every step of their solution and tie it to an objective. They’re amazing."